Magicians for Hire London

Are you hiring a magician in London? Good move. Close up magic is a guaranteed way to get people talking. How did my card appear in his shoe? How did he know the word I was thinking of? How did he steal my watch? Will I ever get my watch back? These sorts of questions stimulate conversation amongst strangers.

But the big question is: How do you hire a magician in London? If you haven’t been recommended someone that this is the procedure you will most likely need to follow:

Step one: Type “magicians in London” into Google. You will find approximately ten thousand names pop up. Don’t panic.

Step two: You can immediately disregard all magicians who perform children’s parties in any form. It’s a good rule of thumb that anyone who does children’s parties probably will not be a good entertainer for adults, otherwise they would only be entertaining adults. There are people who would disagree with this, namely children’s entertainers. Look for magicians who are full-time professionals, are members of the Magic Circle and have plenty of proof of their credibility on their website. If the only photo they have is a selfie in the mirror taken with an iPhone then they may not be the professional magician they claim to be.

Step three: Research the names of the people that come up. Are there good reviews of their work online? Is there mention of their existence in places other than their website? Do they have good videos available on YouTube?

Step four: Call or email the magicians you like the look of. They will give you a quote as well as a description of what they can do. Take note of any specialist skills the magician for hire is offering. Are they a mind reader? A pick pocket? Are they funny? If you are unsure just pick up the phone and call. Professional magicians are generally at home in the daytimes and happy to talk. Some magicians in London don’t like to speak and don’t have their phone number online. That doesn’t mean they are not a great magician, it just means they don’t like phone calls. However, if you want to get an idea of whether the magician you are hiring fits in with your event or not then you should be able to tell from a phone call and a good look at their website.

Step five: If you are only looking to hire a close up magician then disregard anyone charging £1000 or more. They are greedy and are trying to fleece you (unless perhaps their name begines with D and ends with Ynamo) .  Incidentally cabaret / after dinner entertainers regularly charge over a grand, so this fee guide is only really for London close up magicians and table magicians for hire. Disregard anyone charging under £200. They are most likely NOT going to a professional. No magicians for hire in London of any standard quotes under £200. I know this because I know the market very well. I have been a professional magician for hire since 2001 and have many friends and colleagues within the industry. A cheap magician will almost certainly be unreliable, flakey and probably a bit ropey. Finally disregard anyone who drops his price in a heartbeat. If they quote you £850 then drop to £350 when you hesitate they shouldn’t be touched with a ten foot wand.

Step six: Make a booking with the person you have chosen. Simple.

Alternatively, you could avoid all of the above steps and just hire an amazing, professional, charming, exceptionally good looking and modest magician in London. Namely: me :-)

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