Close up magician

Close up magic is magic performed, well, close. But what is a close up magician and why are they so popular at events in London and beyond?
A London close up magician will turn up to an event with nothing but a small case and proceed to entertain a room of people for hours. Close up magic usually consists of card tricks, coin tricks and mind reading tricks and the props used are small enough to carry in the magician’s pockets. One of the reasons that close up magic is popular and that the close up magician is popular at London parties is that is a relatively unobtrusive form of entertainment in as much as the close up magic man does not dominate the whole evening. Rather, he mixes like an over-friendly party guest, moving from group to group and chatting with them for a few minutes, showing them some amazing tricks and then moving on to the next group. Everyone at the party gets to see the magician but nobody feels like he interrupted them for too long.

Many people find close up magicians in London by Googling terms like “magician London” or “Close up magicians London” etc. and that’s fine. However, you should always research which magician is best for your event by looking through their website, taking a look at their videos and chatting with them on the phone. That way you will know if they will be a good match for your event.

In conclusion, close up magicians will always be a popular staple of events in London.

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