Magician in London

Rob is London’s favourite magician, Magic Circle member and entertainer. Wowing audiences for well over ten years, he is well known as the magician of choice for the most prestigious events in London and beyond. If you are looking for London’s finest Street Magician, a crafty close up magician or a talented table magician then get in touch today. Rob is a full member of the London Magic Circle, has public liability insurance and above all, is quite frankly pretty nifty.

London's magician

Hire a magician in London:
Yes you can hire an amazing magician for your event! Jaws will drop, minds will be blown, flabbers will be gasted – nothing gets people talking more than an incredible magician. Fortunately, hiring a magician in London is easy: just fill out the contact form for a fast quote!

Close up magician London
Up-close and personal. Close up magic is the most popular form of magic in the world right now, and it’s easy to see why. If you have witnessed a fun close up magician performing at a party you will know the kind of buzz it can create. There is an old saying that the more you watch, the less you see. That can often be the case with a world class close up magician (the sort you would see at events all over London).

Table Magician London
A table magician does not do magic with tables, rather they perform from table to table at an event. In the past this was referred to as table hopping but these days has been rebranded as street magic or table magic. Table magicians are a fun, affordable and amazing form of interactive entertainment.